What’s on MY Mantel?

A few weeks ago, I shared with you a few of my tips for making a furnished apartment feel like home. From promptly putting your suitcases away to stocking your pantry to (eventually) inviting a new friend over for a cup of coffee, there are many practical and inexpensive things you can do to make your new apartment feel like a familiar, safe, and comfortable haven. I share these tips because they’ve worked for me. My own pre-furnished rental has become a home over the past few months thanks to a lot of intentionality and patience — patience with the space […]

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How To Feel At Home in a Furnished Apartment

How to Feel at Home in a Furnished Apartment - just 7 easy steps! | thisplaceishomeblog.com

There are many reasons why you might find yourself renting a furnished apartment. Whether you are studying abroad for a semester or are moving temporarily for work, it doesn’t always make financial sense to ship furniture or appliances or boxes filled with cookware and dishes to your new abode. A great alternative is to rent an apartment that is already stocked with all of the furnishings and amenities it needs and that is, for whatever reason, being leased by the owner for a period of time. How convenient it is not having to pack towels and bed linens and silverware and wine glasses! Convenient, yes, but also a little […]

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