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Reflections On Our New Home, Pt. 2

Everything is smaller here: smaller sink, smaller refrigerator, and yes, smaller washing machine. But, there’s something truly refreshing about the simplicity. You work with what you’ve got. You take advantage of every nook and cranny. Constrained to 320 SF, you physically cannot accumulate a ton of things.

As someone who has recently made a significant move and who has put most of her belongings in storage, the accumulation of things has been on my mind a great deal. A few days before Chris and I left Tallahassee, I watched with horror as our dear friends helped us carry box after box of our stuff to the U-haul – stuff that had been stowed so unassumingly in the closets and drawers and cabinets of our two-bedroom apartment but that, when revealed en masse, was an embarrassing testament to what two people could accumulate in only a few years. I was dumbfounded and admittedly ashamed. But I know we’re not alone in this. I know that living simply is not something to which our modern American culture necessarily aspires.

The French aren’t perfect either, no. Nor is the retired American woman that is renting us this apartment. But there’s something so freeing in stepping away from your things, renouncing your dependence upon them, and, even for a short while, living in a little space that has been so carefully and intentionally filled.

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8 thoughts on “Reflections On Our New Home, Pt. 2

  1. What an adorable place to live. I love the little tiny oven. And did I spy a yoga mat? 🙂 I can completely relate to how easy it is to amass things, especially things I don’t even need.

    1. Thanks Catherine! Yes, you did spy a yoga mat 🙂 I am trying to keep practicing from home while we’re here to stay in shape! As for our stuff, our move was a HUGE eye opener for me… I honestly didn’t realize we had so many unnecessary things! We’re considering a significant purge when we return to Tally.

    1. Thank you Donna! We are feeling more and more comfortable here… and I think we’ve managed to put our own personal spin on the place as well!

  2. Truth! That’s awesome, Asheley, hope you and Chris are having a fabulous time on your new adventure. Sarah will put you in touch with her parents when they’re over there this winter. They will want to wine and dine you!

    1. Dang it, I can’t even spell your name correctly! Sorry Ashley! (On the plus side, at least I didn’t claim to be you at your own wedding!)

    2. Thanks so much for reading, Uncle Mark! Chris and I are settling in nicely and are enjoying our time so far! We appreciate you keeping in touch. We’re excited to meet Sarah’s parents if they’re interested in a rendezvous sometime this winter! Oh, and no worries about the misspelling, haha! You’re right – at least you didn’t do anything THAT bad. Emily will NEVER live that down!!

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